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Hello, my name is Matt Paquette, and I am the USAJOBS Navigator. I have been helping people navigate the USAJOBS website, and job application process, and I build Federal Government Resume's and help people apply for government jobs officially since 2007. I have navigated the USAJOBS website personally since its inception. I am currently employed with the FAA as an Aviation Safety Inspector, and have worked for government contractor Rockwell International, and Pratt & Whitney in prior employment. I started my career in the U.S. Army in 1979 to 1985 completing two tours working in Aviation 67Y (Helicopters, Huey's, Cobras, and OH-58's) in Ft. Hood TX, Ft. Ord CA, and Mainz Finthen Germany). I left the Army to work at government contractor Rockwell International on the B-1 Bomber program in Columbus, OH. After almost 2 years I left that position for another government contractor Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Engine Manufacturing Company, (Government Products Division (Military Aircraft Engines)) Skunk Works In West Beach FL. I left Pratt & Whitney and started with Northwest Airlines at the beginning of 1988, staying with Northwest until joining the FAA.

In addition to my government contractor jobs, I started my government job hunting in 1999 applying to the FAA, and other departments such as the Forest Service, EPA, and the State Department before USAJOBS had come about. I started applying with USAJOBS in 2003, and have rolled with the changes made to the USAJOBS website over the years, including the most recent changes. Additionally, I have formal training regarding resumes’ (military and college) and have been making resumes since 1983, but mostly I hone my skills by listening to Human Resource Professionals, staying abreast of current information, such as that within the USAJOBS website and helping hundreds of people apply for government jobs. My biggest resources are that I am a volunteer with a network of specialists who collaborate for government job offerings, receiving information to help people navigate the USAJOBS website, and apply for Federal government work. I believe my best asset is my hands on practical experience helping people through the application and interview process.

Lastly, I have a Masters Degree from Eastern Michigan University in Technology, a Bachelors Degree from Eastern in Management, and an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from Henry Ford Community College, all completed while working at Northwest Airlines, and raising a family. I specialize in applying for Federal Government positions, the USAJOBS website, Military to civilian transition,and customized Government Resume / KSA creation. I have experience with Schedule "A" appointments, 10, and 30 point disability points, veterans leaving or retiring from the service, Widowed Spouse with Entitlements, and even if you have been out for a while and possibly qualify as a Civilians with Disabilities entitlements. Lastly, I also specialize in industry resumes’ and Local, County, and State government job position resume's and applications. I mentor and guide clients through the whole resume and application process including the interview. Unlike other sites where everything is (price) piecemealed, my price packages are all inclusive. I have helped hundreds of people find jobs both in Industry and for State and Federal Government positions.

Let me help you with your next job application, and welcome to my site! Matt Paquette


"Matthew Paquette is a gifted presenter and exemplary human being who presents high quality content to people seeking jobs with the federal government. Matt is a master of the federal (and state) application process, resume writing and interviewing. He provides outstanding individual assistance and has a high success rate. More importantly, he travels around Metro Detroit presenting to groups of job seekers for no charge. He gives generously of his time and expertise. I met Matt when I worked at JVS and then asked him to speak at New Horizons. I have recommended him to countless job seekers and will always do so with high expectations that are always met. " Lisa B

Hello Matt: I attended your presentation on the "Government Jobs" and I also talked to you. I wish to thank for your help. I use the approach you suggested and I got an interview for GS -13 and the interview went good. I am waiting for further process. Also I helped my son on the same line and he is now "Referred" to the GS-5 position. He is waiting for the interview date. Any suggestion for my son? I think this kind of jobs do not provide any relocation help. Even then it is a good job. Thank you. Sincerely, Jagdish J

Hello Matt, despite the several doses of "Murphy's Law" that hit us, nevertheless I want to thank you for your perseverance and support of CIT! Your session on "Getting That Federal Job" had everybody's attention up to the end! Michelle told me that you had a great hands-on style - I witnessed that last Thursday!! I've had several follow-up inquiries and their comments had to do with the quality of presentation, directly applicable to their job search. I'm sure you had many contacts from the audience as well. As discussed, I am attaching the sign-up sheets. I look forward to having a beer or coffee with you the next time I'm Downriver or you're up in this area. I would also be happy to support you down the road if needed. Best regards, David B

Matt, it’s been a couple of years since I used your services to find a job with the federal government. Your advice paid off and I am starting my new job with the Veterans Administration as a Blind Rehabilitation Specialist in a couple of weeks. I wanted to say thank you for your candid advice and constructive criticism regarding my resume. At times, it was frustrating to say the least. However, I followed your advice and was able to have three interviews and two offers for employment.
Sincerely, Diana D

Hi Matt, I wanted to thank you for all your advise. Eventually, it paid off and I have job as Finance/Office Manager at the Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn, MI. I see myself being here for next 5-10 years at least. Gwen

Matt-I want to thank you one final time for your help years ago getting me to the place in the Federal government where I want to be. I have worked for the Dept. of Commerce (Census), the Veterans Administration, the Dept. of Agriculture (U.S. Forest Service), and finally the Dept. of Health and Human Services (Indian Health Service). My journey in large part started with you back in Michigan and it has taken me to Oregon, South Dakota, Nebraska and Arizona. Personally, I think you can consider me one of your poster children for success in developing careers in the Federal Government. I have no intention of ever working anywhere else until retirement. I have sent many people to seek your wisdom over the years and may send more in the future. Thanks to you, sir. Thank you. M. E. R

Hi Matt, I hope that you won’t be too shocked, but would you believe that I have been meaning to get back to you and just haven’t taken the time! I was very grateful for the help you gave me and shortly after the interview, I wound up being offered a position and things have been a whirlwind since it seems. As a matter of fact, the offer was for the technical writer position, the one where I felt I interviewed so badly. Go figure! So I thought it was time that I at least got back to you and let you know. Your class and interview how-to book was a real help and I will use it again as I adjust my resume for other announcements because I don’t plan to stay a tech writer forever. I just wanted to thank you for what you do. If you have any seminars coming up, please let me know as I know other people who are looking and I would love to point them to you. Take care, Lynn K

Matt, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for all of the help in regards to improving interviews, resumes, etc. All of the information you provide is amazing!!! You are truly a special person to do this for so many of us that couldn't find work. I say couldn't because I just got hired last Thursday for the Quality Manager position at a company called SET Enterprises in New Boston, MI. Anyway, This is an amazing service that you provide and I can’t say thank you enough!!
Richard M. P

Hi Matt, I have started a new career position and wish to thank you for your support through these difficult times. Please know all you do makes a difference in all you have touched with your generosity and kindness. Pat

Hi, Matt! Thank you again for the conversation just before Christmas. It helped me in my negotiations with the Social Security Administration. I have accepted a position with the SSA in Woodlawn, MD (just outside of Baltimore). I start on 1 February. I negotiated them up from GS-12, Step 1 to GS-12, Step 10 as you suggested and they also included some relocation reimbursement. I greatly appreciate all of your advice in applying for government jobs and I strongly encourage you to continue helping those searching for employment. Thank you very much. Joe T

Matt, Thank you for the assistance with the application. I was hired by the MEM FSDO on the FedEx certificate. It happened over the course of one week as they were trying to fill the opening before the end of the fiscal year. I was sworn in last Friday and begin work on October 12. I felt I couldn't let the opportunity slip by. Hopefully I can transfer closer to home after a year or so, once I complete training and finish probation. CVG, SDF, IND and DTW are preferred options. There is a young man in SDF that needs help as well and I was wondering if you could give him some advice, Could you give him a hand? Thanks again, Larry

Hi Matt, I just want to let you know that I will be starting a new job. On Monday (10/4) I will join Forfeiture Support Associates (FSA) as a records examiner. FSA is a contractor for the federal government and provide support to the DOJ and the FBI. My position will be located in the US Attorney’s Office on Fort Street in Detroit. Although I will not be a government employee, I will have an opportunity to join the government in the future. Thank you for all of your assistance and encouragement. I certainly would not be where I am today without the support of the friends I have met along the way. Good luck in all of your pursuits. Keep up the good work.
Sincerely, Sharon

Hi Matt, Just sending you a short note to let you know I've landed a contract production supervisor job with Ford Motor Company. I started last week, I don't know if they'll keep me for 2 days, 2weeks or 2 years. Anyways, I'm grateful and I want to thank you for all your help in the way of job leads and your seminars. The new job is keeping me very busy, and I'd like to think that I won't need your help again however, if I am need of another job, I'll be sure to knock on your e-mail door again. Ron G

Hi Matt, Thank you for thinking of me. I have just applied to two positions with GM today, and.GM called and made an offer. I continue to search in USA Jobs for a possible fit. I need to find something I can do in the government arena. I was contemplating coming to your seminar again to refresh my thoughts and refine my search process. Thank you for your time Matt. Pat G

Hello Matt, I just wanted to thank you again for all the help that all you guys have done for me. I am starting at Magna tomorrow 3/22 so thanks again Brian M

Matt, Thanks for following up with me. I have good news - I have a job (contract) with Wayne County IT Dept working on their eGovernment projects, to upgrade their web-based systems. When you have a Downriver network meeting, I'd like to attend and share my experiences. The advice that you provide is very valuable in landing the job. Thanks again, Jerry

Matt, got in at Automation Alley's defense group consulting to TARDEC DMSMS. Thanks Lisa P

Thanks Matt! Landed a job in Ohio. Bob

Hi Matt, God Is Good, I received a job also. I start 7/19/10. God Bless, Tom D

Matt, Thanks for all of your help. I just want to report that I landed a job. It is a 1-year Jawood contract with NASCO out of Atlanta as an Ad-Hoc Report Analyst II. I will work remotely from home. It pays $40/hr. I will need a bit of time to acclimate to my new position and schedule, but I truly think what you do is awesome; and now I have a story. Thank you again, Dan S

Hi Matt, Thanks for reviewing my resume and educating me on how to tailor my resume to specific jobs using the duties and qualifications from a job posting. I appreciate you spending as much time with me on the phone as you did. I will make sure in the future to update my resume for each job that I post for. Pete B

Dear Matt, This e-mail is over-due, but my job interview and subsequent offer happened so quickly, after many, many long months of searching and effort! I am happy to report that after interviewing for my current position on July 8th, I was called later that same day and offered the JOB! I am now working for a company called Thomson Reuters, out of their Southfield office, which handles all IP (Intellectual Property) work for our clients. What really seemed to make all the difference was setting up 'job alerts' to specific companies I wanted to work for; I applied for this posting, as well as one with GE, from one of the daily alerts I received from many companies; I was also in the running for a job with GE out of state, as I felt I needed to start widening my search net. Thankfully, the local position with Thomson was the best fit, and it's amazing that after so many months of no responses, daily searching, etc. I find a position, interview for it and get hired on the same day! I am a team lead in a position called Docketing Specialist; this position uses my legal background in patents and trademarks, and will allow me to keep my IP skills current.
Thank you, once again, for all that you do to assist so many unemployed workers here in SE Michigan; it's so tough to stay positive and confident as each month ticks by, and all I can say to anyone still seeking is just to keep working at it; Staying plugged in with others, and working on interviewing and search skills is truly key to the job search, especially in this competitive market we find ourselves in. Blessings, Christina R