What I Do for you!

When you hire me, it is a whole package. We start by reviewing the USAJOBS job listings for the job you want to apply for. We ensure you qualify for a position, and discuss what will go into your Federal Government Resume. I further evaluate the job posting and the associated OPM listing for that posting, and set your resume to that posting. I work with you to build your bullet points and KSA's, and review the finished product resume before submittal. This is a key note to know as a Federal Government Resume is written differently than a civilian resume or even a State or County government resume. I then review the application and job posting and help you navigate the application submittal in an optimal manner with a goal of "Best Qualified." Once submitted I start to prepare you for interviewing by interview question review, encouraging networking, and agency knowledge prep. I supply relevant interview questions and spend time discussing ways to answer an interview question that best describes your experience. Before your interview we discuss your elevator speech and refine it, we will discuss interview attire, body language, and mannerisms in an interview. Once you get your job offer we can talk about counter offers, and of course I am available to answer questions about the hiring process. If this sounds like something you are interested in doing to help you become the best qualified candidate, then please contact me at 734 308 6076 or via email mjpaqu714@live.com Take care. Matt